What’s your sign?
What’s your sign?

What you should wear based on your zodiac sign.

Whether you know your big three, are well-versed in your entire natal chart or only know your sun sign, you can look to astrology for inspiration for your personal style. Obviously, no one is confined to what the planets say but it can be a great starting point when trying to pin down your signature look. We consulted with the stars to find out what you should wear based on your zodiac sign.




We see you, Aquarius, and your otherworldly ways! The aliens of the zodiac, you ghouls are all about being bold, fun and experimental, whether that’s with bright colours, statement silhouettes or unique accessories. Aquarians often love to show some skin as they’re full of confidence, so hot as hell lingerie will always be your thing. You can pull anything off, so go as wild as your heart desires!




Dreamy Pisces is all about romance and softness. You’re creative, whimsical and sensitive, so floaty styles are absolutely perfect. Witchy bell sleeves, maxi skirts and dainty jewellery will have you feeling like the cute little fairy you are! Soft fabrics and unrestrictive styles are key to this look. Adorable!




If the colour red was made for any sign, it’s Aries. You’re fiery, confident and unique - and always make a statement. Simple looks with a bold, interesting twist are totally your thing, so try adding a spiked choker or sexy harness to your fave ‘fit. Keep your makeup dark or go for a bold red lip to match your look.




A luxurious style is perfect for Taurus babes, who love to look expensive. Keep your look sleek and don’t make it over-complicated or fussy, as comfort is important to you, too! A clean, streamlined silhouette and a monochrome ‘fit will make you look and feel amazing. Tauruses are also homebodies, so some glamorous loungewear is a total must-have!




Geminis can show off both sides of their personality with perfectly contrasting looks - whether that’s clashing colours or a super dressy item paired with your most casual piece. They love to take risks and be impulsive, as well as have loads of fun with their look, so don’t be afraid to try new things! Pile on the accessories to really express yourself, plus they can act as conversation starters because we know you love to chat!




When Cancers aren’t too in their feelings, they tend to opt for a classic, sophisticated look. They’re timeless and ethereal, so a vintage or witchy look is totally your vibe. Try a cute 1950s-style dress with a structured bag and heels, or look like a gothic witch in a floaty, lacy style. Keep accessories to a minimum and add in moon details for a true Cancerian vibe




Okay, so obviously leopard print is made for Leos, but that’s not your only option! While bold prints and wild vibes are you all over, the thing that matters most is DRAMA! Leos love to be the center of attention (nothing wrong with that, btw!) so fringing, huge bell sleeves or layers of chains are where it’s at. Make sure all eyes are on you and never, ever be afraid to wear what you want, no matter how over the top!




Virgos crave organisation, neatness and order. They love to wear smart, functional outfits that are pretty low-key; no crazy prints or unnecessary extras. All black outfits work best, and pops of white add to that classic look. Try a cute shirt, a pencil skirt and sleek accessories for a failsafe look that will always show off your Virgo tendencies.




Libras are always well put-together and love classic, feminine styles with a little edge - they’re all about balance! Matchy-matchy ‘fits look super cute on you, and adding a statement accessory keeps it interesting because we know you hate to be bored! Pairing your favourite bag with matching shoes will tie your outfit together perfectly and give you that air of confidence you need.




Some say Scorpios are natural born goths, and who are we to argue? They love the dark side of life and thrive on mystery and drama, plus they’re oh so sexy! The perfect Scorpio look shows off their natural allure and hints at the darkness within, so a killer bodycon dress, sky-high heels and loads of leather and faux fur will have you feeling like the dark queen you are!




Sagittarius likes to keep it casual, but never boring! A pop of colour, one statement accessory or an interesting silhouette help show off your personality while keeping things comfy. Our novelty bags are simply made for Sagittarius ghouls, and will go with any outfit you feel like wearing. Even your hair can be the perfect accessory, as Sags love to try out new colours and change up their look!




Capricorns, how are you so sensible all the time? We’re in awe of how you stay on top of everything, but for this reason you have to keep your outfits simple and functional. Capricorns are often very busy, so comfort and versatility is super important. Out of all the signs, you would really benefit from a capsule wardrobe, so stick to your preferred colour palette (all black, duh!) and make sure as many of your clothes as possible are interchangeable. Stylish loungewear is essential, as well as fuss-free smart looks.


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