Mastering a Corporate Goth style

Mastering a Corporate Goth style

Our top tips for putting together the perfect Corporate Goth outfits you can actually wear to work.

It’s a classic grown-up goth dilemma - what do you wear to work? When your day-to-day style is so gorgeous and full of personality, there’s nothing worse than putting on a boring outfit that looks like everyone else’s to go to the office. But goths can still look professional, and you don’t have to hide who you are at work! Mastering a Corporate Goth style will help you feel like yourself and look absolutely killer every day. Here’s our top tips for putting together the perfect Corporate Goth wardrobe:

Our favourite colour palette

Luckily, the generally accepted colour palette for office wear is perfect for us alt ghouls! Sticking to black and white looks makes it easier to wear pieces that are outside the norm without making you stand out *too* much (unless you want to, obviously!). This also means you can build a capsule wardrobe where everything matches, so you can create new outfits easily, even when you’re half asleep in the mornings. Gothic details like spiderwebs and luxurious brocade can also be worn subtly if the pattern is black-on-black.


Elevated basics

You already know the traditional workwear pieces - trousers, shirts, blazers, midi skirts and sleek dresses. Thankfully, all of these items can be given a gothic twist so you’ll never look boring! The zips, D-rings and suspenders on our Corporate Misfit Pants make them perfect for an everyday alt look, while a ruffle shirt like Maiden Of The Night adds a romantic goth feel and just the right amount of drama. We love the low-key bat detailing on the Ghoul Friend Midi Dress and you can never go wrong with a slinky pencil skirt (hello, The Devil Wears Stripes Skirt!).


Spooky accessories

The best way to ease yourself into a corporate goth look - or to keep the darkness more subtle - is with accessories. Necklaces with bats, statement rings and creepy earrings will help you feel like yourself without going all out. This is perfect if your company has a stricter dress code or if you have a specific uniform - there’s always room for some ghoulish details! When it comes to bags, go for a structured style with plenty of room for all your essentials, but make sure there’s a cute little spider or pentagram on there too!


Super sharp menswear

If menswear is more your vibe, there’s still loads of easy ways to incorporate a darker style. Add interest to work shirts with statement buckles or the most adorable moon print, add chains to a classic waistcoat and go for smart trousers with added zip details. You’ll look hot AF and professional AF at the same time - what a dreamboat!


Make up

When it comes to makeup, it really depends on your company culture. We firmly believe everyone should be able to paint their face however they want, for everyday life and for work. Unfortunately, some employers don’t see it that way and might require you to tone it down a bit - boo! Even in those situations, you can usually get away with some subtle eyeliner like a small wing, and a deep red lipstick will always look sophisticated. If you’re able to do whatever you want with your makeup, feel free to go for a smokey eye or graphic liner to look like the ghoulish goddess you are! Long black stiletto nails may make it harder to type, but the powerful feeling they give you makes it totally worth it!


Dark desks

Corporate Goth isn’t just about the way you look - why not create a spooky environment for yourself too so you feel more at home? Decorate your desk with a crystal ball, Skull Planter or a catch-all dish for your nick-nacks. Stay caffeinated with your favourite spooky mug, or go the hydrated route with a badass cold brew cup. We also love to keep some crystals on our desks at KILLSTAR HQ - Obsidian is great for protection and absorbing negative energies from any Karens you work with, while Tiger’s Eye helps you focus all day long.

And if all else fails, put on your headphones and listen to Judas Priest or Bauhaus while you work!


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