outreach statement

We will from time to time reach out to customers and followers via email or directly on social media. When we do so, this will always be from our official model@killstar.com email address or via the official KILLSTAR Instagram account - @killstar.

For a full list of our social media accounts, see our 3rd Party Channels list.

If we are contacting you about modelling or working with us as a content creator, we may request some details from you. This will be limited to; your name, sizing details (eg if you are going to be modelling clothing or shoes we will need to know what size to send you), a phone number, email address and a shipping address.

We will never request any payments from you if inviting you to work with us; we will also not request images for the purpose to selecting relevant sizes.

If you have received an email or message which you are not sure is legitimate, please contact us and we can confirm this.