Decorating for Halloween
Decorating for Halloween

Give your crypt a ghoulish glow up!

Does it look like Halloween all year round in your home? Ours does! But there’s still extra details you can add to make your crypt look even spookier than usual for the most wonderful time of the year. Put them up for October only or keep them out for every season - whatever your preference, we have everything you need!



Spooky Statement Pieces

Adding just a few larger, standout pieces is a super quick way to transform your home into a haunted mansion. The Colony Of Bats Hanging Banner will have you saying, “it’s freakin’ bats!” every time you look at it and is guaranteed to put a smile on your gorgeous face. Our Halloween Doormat is a total must-have to let everyone know spooky season is your favourite, and you can take your pick from midnight black or classic orange. Speaking of classic, an elaborately-carved pumpkin makes an incredible centrepiece and lets you be as creative as you like!


Double trouble

Decor that doubles up as something useful as well as being pretty is what we’re all about! When Halloween shopping, look out for gorgeously gothic candle holders and intricate frames that will tie in with your existing decor. Light-up signs are ideal for creating the mood you want, whether it’s with a blood red neon light or maximum creepiness from a slime green number. Our Mortal Coil Skull Dish is perfect for holding all your spooky sweets, the Ghost Hinged Jar proves storage never needs to be boring, and a spirit board can be purely decorative or very useful in the right hands…



Deadly details

You know the devil is in the details, and the devil is welcome in our crypt any time! Smaller decor items mean you’ll see creepy vibes everywhere you look, so the likes of our Cauldron Incense Burner and It's A Spell Fridge Magnets are the perfect finishing touches. Tiny pumpkin ornaments can be strewn all over your home and are some of the easiest decor to find, so go all out! Finish off with fake spiderwebs, loads of taper candles and anything at all that features bats - you can never have enough!



Dine in style

For those who are super dedicated to making life creepy (isn’t that all of us?) upgrading your tableware is essential. We guarantee that drinking exclusively from spooky mugs, putting your snacks in ghostly bowls and even making your salt and pepper ghoulish will increase your happiness by at least 666%. And our brand new Absinthe Daemon Glass makes drinking your poison of choice even more fun! You can often find Halloween-themed tablecloths that can easily work for year-round gothic homes, and investing in black cutlery is a luxurious extra touch.



Repurpose what you have

If you’re even remotely into alternative subcultures, chances are you’ll already own plenty of things that can easily be transformed into home decor. Got a ton of gothic literature? Stack your favourite books in the middle of a table and place a pumpkin on top! Display your favourite album artwork, get prints from your tattoo artist or put some of your favourite clothes on a black rail - the darker and more dramatic the better!



Our top picks

Some of our most-loved lifestyle items this year include the stunning Left-Hand Path Ceramic Hand for luxe witchy vibes, the Batty Vase which looks incredible with a bouquet of black roses inside and the intricate Spirit Board Resin Skull. We’re obsessed with these pieces and will definitely be keeping them out all year long!