Until Death Do We Party
Until Death Do We Party

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Laced With Poison
Laced With Poison

If you feel like you don’t fit in in the world it’s because you are here to make a new one. Be ready to enchant the world and discover our new LACED IN POISON collection: quintessential gothic dresses, tops, and bottoms in a choice of three stunning custom-made laces.

Gothic Menswear Now Available in Plus Size!

An interview with Deathly Coven's Deathlyberry

Summer Core Goth Essentials – lightweight leather jackets, black dresses and accessories. Master summer goth vibes effortlessly and embrace the dark with confidence right here!

How to be a goth starter pack: grab a pair of black leggings, an oversized cool graphic tee, your fav goth album, and yer good to go! 

The Ultimate Style Guide: Romantic Goth

New Season Gothic Swimwear Collection Swimming away from any negativity in 2021! Grab yer goth-besties and join us for a lil BTS rundown of our epic swimwear lookbook photoshoot, it’s gonna be a fun one!


Transform your bathroom into a captivating gothic sanctuary with 8 expert tips! Elevate your bathing experience with unique shower curtains, atmospheric music, crystals, candles and more for a dark oasis.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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