Gothic Bathroom Sanctuary by Kimi Peri
Gothic Bathroom Sanctuary - 8 Tips

Transform your bathroom into a captivating gothic sanctuary with 8 expert tips! Elevate your bathing experience with unique shower curtains, atmospheric music, crystals, candles and more for a dark oasis.

Create your own gothic bathroom with Kimi Peri's 8 spellbinding tips & tricks!

We all need time for ourselves and what is more perfect than treating yourself to a nice bath? A bath is healing for both, body and soul!

In this post, I want to give you tips on how you can enhance your bath to the absolute fullest, creating a unique and magical experience while giving you a few ideas on how to achieve your own gothic bathroom goals with KILLSTAR!


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Smell It 

Gothic Bathroom Ideas, candles and scents by KILLSTAR


#1. Gothic & Black Candles

Candles are great for making any situation feel more cosy and intimate while at the same time filling the room with a magical smell. The Moonspell Ritual Candle with its black wax smells like berries and sweet cherries! 🍒


#2. Unholy Incense Sticks

These little miracles are another way to create a spellbinding atmosphere while you enjoy your bath. Ensure you have good ventilation while using incense; an open window does the trick! I use the Sabbath Premium Incense which has a floral fragrance and lasts throughout the whole bathing session.


See & Feel It 

Gothic Bathrooms - Crystals, Buddha and Bath Bombs by KILLSTAR


#3. Gothic Plants

Nothing calms you more than surrounding yourself with nature. Go back to basics with some beautifully leafy plants or small potted trees. My flat is full with different flora and fauna ranging from Monstera to Schefflera to little cacti (which are easy to take care of!). Your bathroom is the perfect home for them while grounding your soul and bringing you back to your roots. Other plants which are great for your bathroom are Pothos as well as Zamioculcas.


#4. Bath Bomb

Purple, red, glitter or black - no matter how the water looks when you dive in, a bath bomb will always make your bath time a unique experience. Choose one which makes your skin super smooth and shiny! Alternatively, use essential oils like lemon or peppermint in your bath if you prefer a more low-key experience.

#5. Spiritual Crystals

Nothing collects and keeps energy more than your beloved crystals. Keeping them in your bathroom while you bathe will give you an energy boost. Amethyst and Quartz stones like Citrine work perfectly for rejuvenation, focusing particularly on your self-esteem and spiritual growth. 

#6. Buddha

The Starchild Resin Buddha will not only be your new eye catcher in your bathroom but also protects you. The details on it are simply insane you can literally count the stars on it, dreaming and getting lost in the universe.


Taste It

Gothic Tea Set by KILLSTAR


#7. Your Drink of Choice

Coffee, tea or whatever you fancy; make yourself a cup of your favourite drink for the ultimate treat for all your senses! I personally like to have a cup of tea like white-peach or something fruity. If I take a morning bath - coffee with almond or oat milk is my go to drink. But wine, hot cocoa or a smoothie are all winners… Whatever works for you!

🍷 The Cosmic Tea Cup & Saucer is my absolute favourite because the size is just right to enjoy and sip with appreciation. And of course, the magical design puts you in that perfect witchy mood! 🔮 Can you spot your own star sign?


Hear It 

Goth Music Playlist by KILLSTAR


#8. Playlist/Music

Your favourite playlist; Candy for your ears! To make your bathing experience complete turn up your favourite album or Spotify playlist! From hard rock to metal or ambient sounds - there’s no limit! Just choose whatever aids your time for reflection, facilitates your comfort or gets you ready for the day / night ahead! 🎶

Listen to Kimi's Bathroom Sanctuary playlist on Spotify now! 


Here are 3 bonus decoration ideas for creating the perfect gothic bathroom sanctuary!


Shower Curtain


If you don’t have a bathtub don’t worry! I'm lucky enough to have one all to myself but many of my friends don’t. I remember when I visited one of my babes in London, entering her bathroom and spotting the gorgeous Zodiac Shower Curtain. Damn, I fell in love! So, if you have a shower this is a must-have for you! 



To complete the magic after the bath you can dry and wrap yourself inside a huge towel! Spiritus Towel and Beach Kitty Towel which are my personal favourites. In summer you can also take them with you to the beach or to a park to lay on and have your own witchy space or the perfect picnic ✨


Hanging a bundle of eucalyptus in your shower is an ultimate life-hack if you struggle with a stuffy nose or if you need an extra boost for your breathing! The steam of a shower releases the essential oils of the eucalyptus plant which clears nasal congestion and relaxes you. Just tie it near the shower head. It’s not only helpful but adds another green spot in your bathroom. Just take care to keep them away from dogs or cats as they shouldn't be eaten! 

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