To coincide with the launch of our Crystal Collection, here’s a short guide to crystals and how to channel your inner mystic.

Crystals can absorb energy from their surroundings and are most commonly used in rituals and magic; as well as healing. The natural structure of crystals creates a form of memory within them. This gives them the power to hold energy and therefore make any spell or ritual you cast even more powerful.

Each individual crystal is associated with different qualities and if you use the right crystal you can use its inherent powers to your advantage. To harness the power of any single crystal, all that is needed is a strong focus and intent. (Whether you are casting a spell or utilizing simple Crystal Craft.)

Rose Quartz crystals relate to love and are often used in love spells. To use one, simply hold a Rose Quartz crystal tightly and channel your open feelings of love towards it. The crystal will absorb your energy and in turn, it will work its magic wherever you chose to place it.

Obsidian crystals are connected to strength and often used in purification rituals as they provide strong protection against negativity. Often people choose to keep these stones close to them, as they act as a talisman of protection.

Amethyst crystals are great calming stones and help aid chakra balancing; as well as balancing emotional issues. As a result, these crystals are often used in meditation to help people realign.

Our new crystal collection includes cut crystals and crystal balls. A well-cut crystal amplifies the raw power of each stone and provides you with the best source materials to hone your practice.

Crystals can be used for a wide range of purposes, from displaying them around the home, meditation, cleansing, healing, enriching the atmosphere, rituals, magic or simply holding in your hand or putting in your pocket to hold their power close to you.

How do you find the right crystal for you?

You don’t need to be an expert and know the exact properties of each stone to appreciate crystals and their magical properties. The most important thing is to be receptive. Let yourself be drawn to the stones that have meaning for you! Check out our Crystal Store to see the full collection!


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