Meet The Content Coven: Deathlyberry
Meet The Content Coven: Deathlyberry

An interview with Deathly Coven's Deathlyberry

A familiar face at KILLSTAR, who is a creative powerhouse and part of the well-known Deathly Coven. We love working with Deathlyberry and are always lusting over her esoteric images! Now you get to have a peek inside her mind, check out our exclusive interview below.

- Can you describe your style?

My style is always evolving but it can be described as a "witchcore" aesthetic. I love everything that is witchy and is connected to nature. I'm not the same "witch" everyday. I range from DarkCottagecore, Victorian, Dark/Witch Academia to Nugoth, Street Goth and Vampire Goth. I'm constantly trying new stuff.

- What is your favourite goth style? Do you have any goth style inspirations?

As I said earlier, I love to experiment but the vintage vibes suit me better. My inspirations come from movies, books, art, history, video games and from the IG community too. There are so many inspirational souls out there.

- What music do you listen to? Who inspires you? Tell me about the music you create.

I listen to a great variety of genres, from classical music to metal.
Music for me it's not about sound or a specific timbre, it's all about the vibes and the mood that a song gives me. Me and my fiancè Francesco (@FrankTheTank) wanted to create some cinematic themes for my everyday moods. Our tracks are short energy bursts that one can take in a single gulp and be transported in a fantasy scenario of choice. We do get our inspiration by video game soundtracks and movies, then we add a little mixture of groovy beats sometimes because why not.

- How do people perceive your style? Do people tend to be positive about your style?

There's still people that mock my dark look but I don't care, I'm happy to be a little bat.

I think it's important for the younglings to show that they can be whoever they like to be.

- When did you form the Deathly Coven and what made you do this?

The Deathly Coven was born by the idea of some weirdos (aren't we all?) that wanted to be constantly in touch and give feedback to each other and be together.

Even though we're all from Rome, we met on Instagram and later on in real life circa august 2019. My dream has always been to create an Italian alternative community to exchange ideas and be creative together and have fun. It's always good to cheer each other's souls up.

Even if some original members are no longer in the Coven, I'm grateful for having this experience anyway. I learned so much about people and myself. Me and my sisters, Francesca aka @following.flies and Virginia aka @dvorah.rain are looking to the future of this journey together.

- What three KILLSTAR pieces do you love for fancy looks?

Grave Digger Skull Bag, it's just iconic and impossible to not notice.

Witch Brim Hat, a wide black hat is how to say to the world: "I'm a witch".

Bell Bottoms, the Velora ones are my fav'. "Show your curves, baby!"

- What three KILLSTAR pieces do you love for everyday looks?

Sea Punk Knit Sweater, perfect to style with a cool harness.

Cathedral Skater Dress, it's the "little black dress" but in a goth way.

Broom Rider Boots, the most comfy and versatile boots ever.

- What are your best styling tips?

Make sure you have reliable wardrobe staples like a mini/midi dress, a pair of "not extra" leggings and a maxi tee/sweater, even a plain simple dress can be fancy with the right accessories (invest on accessories!). A spiked choker with a chain harness and badass boots can make you feel so powerful!

A wide hat with a crazy shape bag and super high heels will transform you into the Queen of Darkness.

- What do you have planned for the future of the Deathly Coven?

Our team is full of creative minds so we are working on different kinds of projects.
The main one is still the photographic project but there are the musical ones (there will be the 1st album release in May 2021 and more songs on the second half of this year), we'd like to do live streaming, merch and other kinds of magick.


Suspend Me Statement Skirt [B]
Suspend Me Statement Skirt [B]
Add to Bag Add to Bag
Total Horror Knit Sweater
Add to Bag Add to Bag
Bloodletting Knee-High Boots
Bloodletting Knee-High Boots
Add to Bag Add to Bag
Hazed Out Knit Sweater
Add to Bag Add to Bag
Corrosion Boots
Corrosion Boots
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Cemetery Lane Heels
Cemetery Lane Heels
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