CATCHIN' UP WITH @kevinschepis
CATCHIN' UP WITH @kevinschepis


Over these years we have had many muses and been lucky enough to collaborate with a growing number of people who value similar qualities to us. One of these collaborators is @kevinschepis – his dark aesthetic continues to inspire us and we love seeing how he styles our products!

We reached out to Kevin to gain a deeper insight into his world and his style…

Hey Kevin, thanks for answering our questions! Can we start with what inspires your style?

Hi! Of course, to be honest, it has personally taken me some time to come to this current identity! I have been adding features over the years... But I've always been very inspired by Tim Burton characters, especially Edward Scissorhands and Jack Skellington!

Do you have any personal style icons? If yes, who? If no, why not?

Yes! Definitely! I have always been in love with Brian Molko's androgyny... that really made me accept the way I am and understand as well as celebrate diversity. 

When did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. Then 1 week later I already had another 5 tattoos…I was super addicted from then on hahaha!

What KILLSTAR products are you obsessed with right now?

It is hard to choose but I'm really obsessed with Riff Lord Duffle Tour Bag and Hellbound Boots at the moment.

How do you spend your free time? Any hobbies?

I really like to be alone in my free time: reading a serial killer book, watching series and horror movies... But I also love to walk on the beach at night, sit in the sand and pass hours looking at the moon and stars.

What's your star sign?

I’m a Leo!

Would you say you relate to your star sign? Why?

Totally yes, I can connect myself with all the characteristics of a Leo. Especially the vanity… and the passion I have for my friends and my family!

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself people might be surprised by?

People tend to think I'm a very serious person like in my pictures but the truth is, most of time i'm laughing and being a clown to make my friends laugh!

Do you have any plans for Summer?

Yes, I want to focus my mind to make new creative pictures and create lots of content for my Instagram. And of course, have fun with my friends too!

Thanks Kevin! We’re excited to see your Summer pictures and if you read any good books definitely send us your recommendations!

If you’re equally inspired by Kevin as we are – make sure to follow @kevinschepis on Instagram!
Also, check out our new Spotify playlist featuring some of Kevin's favourite songs!

Let us know your style icons and favourite KILLSTAR products at the moment? And if there are any KILLSTAR collaborators you are intrigued by; send us your questions and we’ll send out the messenger pigeon! <3