5 Things We Miss About Halloween
5 Things We Miss About Halloween

We miss Spooky Season

Halloween is everyday in our books - but society only really celebrates all things dark and spooktacular in October, or as some would say spooky season! This means there are some things our ghoulish souls just can’t get until October comes around… Check out our most missed things below;

1. Pumpkins
It’s an obvious one but important nonetheless! When we start to see pumpkins in the supermarket we know our time is coming. When streets and windows become decorated with creepy but cute pumpkins - it almost feels like a gift for us dark souls! For now, we’ll be filling our crypts with pumpkin-themed gothic home accessories.

2. Never Being Questioned About Your Alt Clothing
We’ve all been asked why we are dressed in our dark fashion looks when it’s not Halloween, right? Well October is the one time of year people don’t seem to question our style and we love it! 

3. Candy Everywhere

Need we say anymore? 

4. Spooky Versions of Everything
This time of year is usually when goths top up on new homeware for their crypts… P.s you can get spooky homeware all year at KILLSTAR ;). We love seeing everything through Halloween tinted glasses from paper cups to party banners, our favourite foods to sugary drinks, our favourite restaurants and bars, the list goes on! Like the saying goes ‘One man’s Halloween collection is another man’s everyday home decor’.


5. Party Time!
Party Season officially starts with Spooky Season, well to us it does, and Halloween parties are usually the stand-out events of the year. We love seeing all our ghouls let loose during their favourite time of year and be unapologetically themselves. There is nothing better than our already gothy pals embracing even bolder alt party outfits


Is there something we didn’t mention that you miss about Halloween? Let us know below!