Supply Chain Transparency

Our responsibility journey is rooted in transparency and we want to provide more visibility of each part of our production process. 

Internally, we are increasing our vetting process from Tier 1 factories to further tiers, for all suppliers. This is allowing us to gain increasing clarity of our supply chain and ensure compliance. As we gain this information, we will be able to implement more sustainable decision making while we continually review our network.

Externally, transparency means sharing more information about how our products are made and who is involved in this journey. We are working towards providing a Supplier Map to share this information and help customers to make better informed purchases.


In 2023, and as part of our growing commitment to improving our knowledge on how to be more sustainable, KILLSTAR joined the UK Fashion and Textile Association. UKFT is the ‘Voice of the Industry’, providing regular updates on ever changing laws and legislations, and so much more! This ensures we are getting the most updated industry information.

Their website is a great space to learn more about sustainability and innovation in the industry. With a UKFT membership you can make use of all their resources including: webinars on green claims; resources for EPR updates; information on circular business models and so much more.

Design For Sustainbility

We always aim to optimise our fabric usage in an attempt to reduce textile waste. Creating our signature in-house prints in a 4-way or 2-way directional design and sharing fabrics across multiple products allows us to optimise how much can be cut from each metre of fabric. This helps to reduce waste at the source of production and is something we consider with every style we create. 

To maintain our efforts to minimise waste, once customers are at the end of their journey with a style, our Resurrect marketplace provides a space to buy and sell pre-loved KILLSTAR pieces.