KILLSTAR Company Culture

At KILLSTAR, we believe diversity is an integral part of sustainability. We embrace the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and identities of our community, recognising that diversity is essential for creating a more inclusive, resilient future. By championing diversity, we strengthen our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our efforts are representative, equitable, and impactful for all.

KILLSTAR welcomes everyone as they are, we are a community where all individuals can live out their passion. We prioritise healthy relationships with our planet and its inhabitants, always striving to do the right thing through ethical practices and increasing transparency. Through continuous learning and growth, we aim to add value not only to our products but also to the environment and our community.


At KILLSTAR, we believe that gender equality and inclusion are fundamental pillars of sustainability. We strive to create a workplace and community where all genders are empowered, respected, and given equal opportunities to thrive.

By creating an inclusive environment, we encourage the full potential of diverse perspectives and talents to be fulfilled. Our paid internships follow this approach, ensuring that students in all financial circumstances have the opportunity to apply. 

Our Internship Programme

KILLSTAR has partnered with the University of Brighton to create an exclusive paid internship programme. This opportunity offers the student hands-on experience, gaining practical skills and insights within the fashion industry; mentorship, learning from experienced professionals committed to creativity and innovation; and networking, connecting with like-minded individuals to expand their professional network. Throughout their internship, students are able to explore their career paths, gaining clarity about their interests and strengths, and helping them make informed decisions about their future careers.

Supplier Social Auditing

We are committed to ensuring the rights of everyone who works with us, both in-house and externally. We have established a supplier vetting process that ensures our suppliers are providing good working conditions for all employees, being responsible for any waste materials, following local laws, and using ethically sourced materials.

We perform a comprehensive vetting process, where vendors are required to share their factory Social Compliance audit report. These reports are checked for authenticity, validation, and carefully reviewed by a member of our internal Compliance Department for any findings that need improvements. For any findings that need follow up, we request evidence to prove and close the issue that was documented.

Vendor and Factory Guidelines

We have created our own Vendor and Factory Guidelines, which go beyond the audit reports and into more detail to what is important for us at KILLSTAR, which we provide to all suppliers to carefully review and sign.This document is an agreement between KILLSTAR and its vendors to ensure compliance is maintained through development to production, in which standards are met, and requirements are followed at all times.

KILLSTAR stands fully against any form of forced or child labour. We have written our own Sourcing Policy that requires vendors to confirm that they will not source or manufacture any KILLSTAR products related to forced labour or child labour. The policy also asks the vendor to confirm that they have not and will not work with listed companies that have been found linked to forced labour.

Visiting Our Suppliers

Visiting our suppliers is an essential part of maintaining KILLSTAR’s standards across all parts of product development. We take this opportunity to build strong, mutual relationships and make sure we are choosing the best supplier for every product. Our development process is meticulous, which is why we value viewing the factories with our own eyes and conducting our own checks in person. We carefully choose when to visit our suppliers, to balance business needs and a mindfulness for the carbon impact of flying. Usually, we prioritise visiting new suppliers to ensure they understand KILLSTAR’S standards from quality to ethics, from the very beginning.