Creating Some Zen



If, like us, the idea of being around people can often be a bit much then having somewhere to escape to can be really important Whether you use the space to read, meditate or commune with dark forces the following top tips should help you make the most of your alone time.

skull candle

De Clutter

They say that the state of your room can reflect the state of your mind so to create a peaceful mindset the first thing to do is tidy up your space. Be ruthless - look around your room - do you truly need everything there? We're willing to bet the answer is no. If you haven’t used it in a year - throw it out. Then what’s left should be organised neatly with your aim being to try and leave as much clear surface space as possible. So that may mean getting some extra storage to get things from dresser top to under your bed. But trust us once it’s done and you look around you’ll feel the change in your mindset almost instantly!

Bring Outside Inside

If we had to allow one more colour into our lives (other than black) it would be green. Nature is beautiful and a little greenery in your room goes a long way to creating a peaceful state of mind. So find a small plant or make a point of arranging flowers in your room. Also the added element of caring for your green friend can help create a extra connection to your space - even if that is just adding new flowers every week.

Put the Phone Down

Listen we love Instagram as much as you and the idea of being parted from our phones is enough to bring us out in cold sweats! But putting time aside each day to make your room a phone free zone will work wonders for your sense of zen - and not to mention the break it will be giving your little peepers from not staring at a screen all day! Try it - start with just half an hour and work up to longer.

Give a Purpose To Your Space

For a lot of us the bedroom becomes multipurpose, we sleep, eat, watch TV and study here. If that’s you then try to break your room up into areas. Got a desk but always study in bed? Try and just use your desk just for studying and when your done for the day (or night) move away from the desk. Then you’ll start associating your bed as a place for relaxation rather than stress! And if you’ve got the room try and create another zone just for relaxing/meditation/ journal writing or whatever you do to create some peace. Decorate that area with cushions, candles whatever you want! But make that your go to spot for daily calm. Take a look at our range of lifestyle accessories if you need help getting started.