• Spellbook Totebag
  • Spellbook Totebag
  • Spellbook Totebag
  • Spellbook Totebag
  • Spellbook Totebag
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    Spellbook Totebag


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    Together in a realm of infinite night.

    - Vegan Leather (Forever).
    - Contrasting Graphic Print.
    - Stud Detailing.
    - Adjustable Strap.
    - Size: 40.5cm/15.9" x 35.5cm/13.9" x 24cm/9.4".

    Our 'Spellbook' tote bag has been summoned with a faux-leather material body featuring a statement contrasting graphic on the front. A classic shaped bag and adjustable strap. It has been foretold this is the perfect accessory for yer day-to-day adventures outside yer crypt and nighttime rituals!

    Mix and Match as yer black heart desires.

    With KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU.

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