• Heather Combat Boots
  • Heather Combat Boots
  • Heather Combat Boots
  • Heather Combat Boots
  • Heather Combat Boots
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    Heather Combat Boots


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    Out of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun. 

    - Embossed Velvet.
    - Satin Laces + Side Zip.
    - 6.3cm/2.5" Heel.
    - Vegan. 

    Be proud of yours sins - they made you who you are today! The 'Heather' super-versatile boots in lush velvet and faux leather [all black of course] feature a classic shape with wide satin-laces, side zip for easy on/off and a slightly elevated heel. Embossed with a gorgeous print of crescent moons and ornate damask - even the hardware is black; just like your soul!

    Match with anything - you make the rules in these; plus they're super comfortable.

    With KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU/Man-Made Materials.

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