• Death & Tonic Trainers
  • Death & Tonic Trainers
  • Death & Tonic Trainers
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    Death & Tonic Trainers


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    The creepier, the better.

    - Vegan Leather [Forever].
    - High Top.
    - Thick Sole.
    - Lace-Up Front.
    - Heel - 22cm/6.5".

    - Weight - 2kg

    Street smart with just the right amount of twist; 'Death & Tonic' trainers tick all your boxes - all black luxe faux leather, lace-up front, super thick sole and heel and high top- to elevate your game.

    A purrfect day-to-day style - it meshes really well with dressy outfits - or can be equally low-key; whatever your mood/moon fancies!

    Always unisex, so it's for everyone!

    With KILLSTAR Branding. 75% PU, 25% Mesh.

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