• Astral Light Bedspread/Blanket
  • Astral Light Bedspread/Blanket
  • Astral Light Bedspread/Blanket
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    Astral Light Bedspread/Blanket


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    The night is yours - sleep tight, Child of Cosmos. 

    - Extra Soft Fleece. 
    - Extra Large. 
    - Moon + Sun Print. 
    - Size 227cm x 207cm.

    You have the universe inside of you. Add some serious cosmic vibes to yer crypt with the 'Astral Light' blanket - extra large size with contrasting Moon + Sun graphic, perfect for your crypt, bed-cover or just midnight chill on the couch. 

    Completes yer life perfectly and is the ideal gift! 

    with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Polyester.

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