Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @belle.diore Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @belle.diore

Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @belle.diore

@belle.diore: I fell in love with the brand and the niche around it and I stayed in love with the brand. KILLSTAR satisfied my needs for dark alternative clothes and feels as one unified voice between my style and personality. KILLSTAR makes me more than who I am and how I can express myself better. That’s important to me.

KILLSTAR continues to offer what I want. I keep swooning with every drop so far. These items make me express a better self and make me see the attractiveness and attitude I have.

@belle.diore's Top 11 KILLSTAR Picks


My first item off KILLSTAR was bought on a metal festival. They catches my eyes because it was a crop top with a cats face on it. And because of that one moment that I glanced at the shop, I found a brand to connect with. My past items had satisfied my past desire. KILLSTAR contributed to my growth in a fashionable way.

Witching you a very hex-citing 11 birthday!🖤

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An unstoppable force of power and magic - we adore Belle.diore! This girl knows how to style a look and the queen of layering. Our go to for styling tips from everyday to oh-la-la looks! Thank you for celebrating KILLSTAR's birthday, we are lucky to have you in the KILLSTAR world!