Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @baby_succubuz

Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @baby_succubuz

@baby_succubuz: KILLSTAR has been one of my favorite alt brands for a long time and I’m happy to see this brand have such a nice diversity of new models including myself rock their fashion. Being alternative is for everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds and it’s always good to see different ppl as part of the family.

I have so many favorites on KILLSTAR that it’s hard to choose, but I can definitely say the dresses and shoes have always been my go to. I usually don’t wear dresses often but I like the way the KILLSTAR dresses come in different designs and it’s easy to choose the dress I like for my style; like the stop watering dead plants 2 piece graphic dress. The Twilight Platform trainers/boots are also amazing and I live for a sturdy and unique shoe.

@baby_succubuz' Top 11 KILLSTAR Picks


I found Killstar a couple years ago online when I was searching for a nice new shirt to wear. I always really liked Killstar’s T-shirts and crop tops because they always had something cute and spooky themed and I always lived that combo in alternative fashion.

Happy Birthday KILLSTAR!


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There is no other like Baby_Succubuz - she's a force to be reckoned with! A style icon who always dresses to show off her individuality and she does so unapologetically. We adore working with Baby_Succubuz and are so lucky to have her in the KILLSTAR word! Thank you for celebrating KILLSTAR's birthday, we are lucky to have you in the KILLSTAR world!