Hot Goth Summer: How To Survive The Scorching Weather

Hot Goth Summer: How To Survive The Scorching Weather

Gorgeously alt outfits can still keep you cool while looking hot AF all season long - it just takes a little bit of magic! Read our top tips for handling the heat.

Hot Goth Summer is officially here! While spooky season and cooler weather will always have our hearts, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the sun. Gorgeously alt outfits can still keep you cool while looking hot AF all season long - it just takes a little bit of magic! These are our top tips for surviving the heat.

Go with the flow

When choosing summer looks, keep one word in mind: flowy. Anything that’s loose fitting, floaty and billowing will be super airy, plus it gives a very whimsical, witchy kind of look. Maxi dresses are always a summer winner, or go for an oversized tee for a more casual style. Skater skirts can be paired with crop tops, and of course a comfy sundress or babydoll dress will always be a go-to. Short sleeved button-up shirts have a very beachy feel and a nice light fabric. Keeping the pieces loose means you can easily keep wearing black because, well, what else would we do? Wear bright colours? No thanks!


Show some skin

If all that floatiness isn’t your vibe, don’t worry! When wearing tighter fitting styles in summer, we love to be bold and show some more skin. Cute bralettes look gorgeous on everyone and crop tops will always look amazing. If you prefer to keep a little more covered, pair your crop top with high waisted bottoms or go for one that has long bell sleeves to let some air get in. Shorts are obviously a hot weather staple and a good black pair can be worn with any top you fancy. Or go for hotter than hell vibes with a little body con dress to make jaws drop everywhere you go!


Accessories are key to making it through a heatwave. Our favourite thing is throwing on a big ol’ witchy hat to protect your face, plus it instantly adds an alt feel to any outfit. A plain black dress paired with a wide-brimmed hat is ridiculously simple, but it always looks incredible! It’s so easy to throw on no matter where you’re going and is guaranteed to make you look stunning.

Of course, sunglasses are an absolute essential to protect your eyes, provide an air of mystique and hide your eye rolls. Pick a pair that suits your style and matches everything, or treat yourself to multiple pairs so you can switch it up and make a statement! Oversized cat-eye glasses are perfect for vintage-loving babes, heart shapes add tons of cuteness and detailed frames show off your spooky personality.


If you’re hitting the beach, lounging by the pool or just sunbathing in your garden, you need swimwear that makes you feel amazing. Statement bikinis can have loads of added details to keep things interesting, or go for a sexy one piece with a fun print. Don’t forget a beach towel that tells everyone to leave you alone and a pool float for ultimate relaxation.



What’s the most important thing every ghoul needs to do in summer? Make a sacrifice to the forest gods, yes. But what’s the second most important? Staying hydrated! Get yourself a to-go cup that you can take everywhere and ideally fill it with water - but if you want something a bit stronger we’re not going to judge!

We don’t have to tell you this, but another non-negotiable item is sun cream - preferably factor 50+. Slather the cream on throughout the day, and don’t forget your precious face. You could even pick up an adorable parasol to keep yourself shaded - plus it adds some incredible drama to your ‘fit!

And finally, a killer summer playlist to soundtrack your hazy days. Pop punk is the ultimate sunny day genre, but go with whatever vibes you like. We’ve put together a classic Summer Goth playlist for you and, not to brag, but it’s pretty sick. Listen below and save it on Spotify so your vibes can be immaculate all summer long.





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